Extensive evidence has demonstrated that 24-hour dietary recalls provide the highest quality, least biased dietary data. Traditional 24-hour recalls, however, are expensive and impractical for large-scale research because they rely on trained interviewers and multiple administrations to estimate usual intakes. As a result, researchers often make use of food frequency questionnaires, which are less expensive but contain substantial error.

To address this challenge, investigators at NCI created the Automated Self-administered 24-hour Recall (ASA24) system, a web-based tool that enables multiple automated self-administered 24-hour recalls. ASA24 was developed under contract with Westat, a social science research firm located in Rockville, MD, and builds on the Food Intake Recording Software System (FIRSSt) developed by Dr. Tom Baranowski of the Baylor College of Medicine. An External Working Group provided advice about the needs and interests of potential users.

ASA24 consists of a Respondent Web site used to collect recall data and a Researcher Web site used to manage study logistics and obtain data analyses. A Beta version released in August 2009 and supported through June 2012 was used by more than 200 researchers to collect more than 45,000 recalls. ASA24-2011 (released in September 2011) and ASA24-Kids-2012 (released in September 2012) continue to be available for currently registered studies but are no longer available for use to register new studies. The current versions, ASA24-2014, ASA24-Kids-2014, and ASA24-Canada-2014 are now freely available for use by researchers, clinicians, and teachers. This Web site provides details on ASA24 and how to access and use it.

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