Researcher Web Site Features

The Researcher Web siteExternal Web Site Policy allows researchers, clinicians, and teachers to register a study, set study parameters, manage study logistics, and obtain dietary analyses. The Web site:

  • allows researchers to add their own opening and closing text scripts and study logo for use on the Respondent Web site;
  • allows researchers to choose from optional modules to query the location of meals, with whom meals were eaten, television and computer use during meals, and supplement intakes;
  • enables researchers to monitor study progress and to obtain a variety of reports, including statistics for complete, incomplete, and upcoming recalls for each participant; and
  • produces individual-level nutrient estimates based on the Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (FNDDS)External Web Site Policy for US versions and food group estimates based on USDA's MyPyramid Equivalents Database (MPED)External Web Site Policy (see more about the database used for ASA24-Canada-2014). The version of the databases applied depends on the version of ASA24 used by the study (compare ASA24 versions). These data can be analyzed by researchers or used to provide reports to respondents.

New features available on the Researcher Web site for ASA24-2014, ASA24-Kids-2014, and ASA24-Canada-2014 only:

  • allow researchers the options to query intake from midnight to midnight of the previous day or for the past 24 hours (starting at the time of login);
  • allow researchers the option to have participants complete a recall in one sitting (with breaks of no more than 30 minutes) or over a longer specified time interval;
  • allow researchers to delete user accounts;
  • include a Wizard to generate recall dates for studies defined as "scheduled";
  • include tracking options for each completed recall that will provide information on number of logins, session duration, language, calories, number of eating occasions and number of food codes; and
  • allow Researchers to choose whether Respondents are allowed a single or multiple sessions to complete a recall.

Detailed instructions for researchers are available from the Researcher Web site.

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