Healthy Eating Index–2005 (HEI–2005): US Population, 2001-04

The following tables are supplemental to the article:

Freedman LS, Guenther PM, Krebs-Smith SM, Dodd KW, Midthune D. A population's distribution of Healthy Eating Index–2005 component scores can be estimated when more than one 24-hour recall is availableExternal Web Site Policy. J Nutr 2010 Aug;140(8):1529-34.

  1. Total Fruit
  2. Whole Fruit
  3. Total Vegetables
  4. Dark-Green/Orange Vegetables and Legumes
  5. Total Grains
  6. Whole Grains
  7. Milk
  8. Meat and Beans
  9. Oils
  10. Saturated Fat
  11. Sodium
  12. Solid Fats, Alcoholic Beverages and Added Sugar

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