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Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program

Sample Cancer Epidemiology Grant Applications


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) frequently receives questions from investigators for examples of successfully funded grant applications. Several investigators and their organizations agreed to let the Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP) post excerpts of their grant applications online. The applications in the table below are excellent examples of grantsmanship.

Orientation to Sample Applications

EGRP is grateful to the investigators for enabling our Program to deliver this valuable resource. Certain details are redacted, such as social security numbers, budgets, home addresses, and phone numbers. Additionally, to minimize the file size, EGRP excluded sections of the original application that provide routine details, such as lists of performance sites and key personnel, biographical sketches, and bibliographies. As a result, the grant applications accessible through the links below do not include all sections that appear in the SF424 (R&R) used to apply for grants.

The text of the grant applications is copyrighted. Investigators and others may use the text from these same applications only for nonprofit educational purposes provided the content remains unchanged and the Principal Investigator(s), their organization(s), and NCI are credited.

Note: The table below highlights examples of grant applications that were submitted before January 25, 2023, the effective day of the NIH Data Management and Sharing (DMS) policy. EGRP anticipates updating the examples of grant applications that comply with the new DMS policy in the latter part of 2024. In the meantime, please refer to EGRP’s webpage on Data and Resource Management and Sharing Plans for more information on preparing DMS plans.

Sample Applications

Principle Investigator(s) Title of Project Grant Mechanism & Award Number
Elizabeth Kantor, PhD, MPHExternal Web Site Policy, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Obesity, Chemotherapy Dosing, and Breast Cancer Outcomes
View Abstract
R37 CA222793-04
View Grant Application
[PDF - 1.48 MB]
Anna Prizment, PhDExternal Web Site Policy, University of Minnesota Immune-Regulating Mhc Class I-Like Proteins and Colorectal Cancer Risk
View Abstract
R03 CA249461-02
View Grant Application
[PDF - 1.20 MB]
Howard Strickler, MDExternal Web Site Policy, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Next Generation of HPV and Cervical Cancer Research in Hiv+ Women
View Abstract
R01 CA230331-05
View Grant Application
[PDF - 1.38 MB]
Wei Sun, PhDExternal Web Site Policy, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Estimation and Association Analysis of Biomarkers for Tumor Immune Microenvironment
View Abstract
R21 CA224026-02
View Grant Application
[PDF - 1.16 MB]