EGRP's Organizational Structure

Our organization consists of the Office of the Associate Director (OAD) and five Branches that oversee and facilitate research to understand the determinants of cancer occurrence and outcomes in human populations.


Choose a branch from the chart below for examples of EGRP’s interests in these areas, contacts for scientific program directors, and ongoing activities.


The Office of the Associate Director (OAD) develops and implements the mission and scientific and strategic agenda of the Epidemiology and Genetics Research Program (EGRP). The OAD integrates and coordinates the activities of the component Branches by establishing program priorities, allocating resources, staff, and assignments; and manages scientific activities and portfolios that cross Branch boundaries.

Helzlsouer, Kathy J., M.D., M.H.S.
Associate Director
Office of the Associate Director
Acting Branch Chief
Environmental Epidemiology Branch

(240) 276-6336

Srinivas, Pothur R., Ph.D., M.P.H.
Deputy Associate Director
Office of the Associate Director

(240) 276-7620

Ellison, Gary L., Ph.D., M.P.H.
Branch Chief
Environmental Epidemiology Branch
On detail to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

(240) 276-6783
Contact for questions about:
  • Global health
  • Health disparities

Freedman, Andrew N., Ph.D.
Branch Chief
Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Branch

(240) 276-6697
Contact for questions about:
  • Prediction models for cancer outcomes
  • Benefit/risk indices for oncology drugs
  • Clinical, epidemiologic, and pharmacogenomic factors related to cancer treatment outcomes

Gillanders, Elizabeth M., Ph.D.
Branch Chief
Genomic Epidemiology Branch

(240) 276-6764
Contact for questions about:
  • Genetic epidemiology of cancer
  • Innovative methods for genetic epidemiology
  • Genetic architecture of cancer across populations
  • Genetic heterogeneity of high-risk cancer families
  • Secondary analyses of genetic data
  • Patient engagement and Cancer Genome Sequencing

Reedy, Jill, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D.
Branch Chief
Risk Factor Assesment Branch

(240) 276-6812
Contact for questions about:
  • Dietary patterns
  • Food environment
  • Obesity policy research
  • Dietary surveillance
  • Dietary assessment

Verma, Mukesh, Ph.D.
Branch Chief
Methods and Technologies Branch

(240) 276-6889
Contact for questions about:
  • Biomarkers of risk and detection
  • Epigenetics and epidemiology
  • High throughput technologies in epidemiology
  • Multi-Omics technologies (proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics)