Research Resources for Cancer Epidemiology and Genomics

The Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP) has developed a list with links to a number of cancer-related research resources available through EGRP-supported cohorts, consortia, and initiatives; other research programs in the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences and NCI; and partners elsewhere at NIH and other research organizations.

  • Biospecimen Resources for Population Scientists
    Examples of biospecimen sharing policies and request forms from NCI-funded population-based studies and potential sources of biospecimens from NCI- & NIH-funded projects.
  • Cancer Epidemiology Cohorts
    Learn about EGRP-supported cancer epidemiology cohorts (CECs), relevant funding opportunities, research resources, and publications.
  • Cancer Epidemiology Consortia
    EGRP is supporting a growing number of national and international research consortia focusing on intradisciplinary and translational research on common and rare cancers. Learn more about EGRP-supported cancer research consortia by cancer type and assistance available for cancer epidemiology consortia.
  • Cancer Patient and Survivor Cohort Studies
    Links to cancer survivor data resources identified during an EGRP-sponsored workshop held November 3, 2011 that may be of interest to cancer epidemiologists.
  • Dietary Assessment Resources
    Links to data collection resources and tools, food composition databases and diet analysis tools, and surveys and related resources for dietary monitoring.
  • Genomic Resources
    Includes links to collaborative initiatives, datasets, and NIH policy information related to population-based genetics research.
  • Geographic Information Systems and Science for Cancer Control
    This NCI website provides resources for interactive mapping, exploring, and downloading, geographically based cancer related information.
  • National and State Cancer Registries
    This compilation of resources provides links to information on cancer statistics, such as incidence, mortality, and the prevalence of certain risk factors.
  • Pharmacogenomic Resources
    Links to pharmacogenomics collaborative opportunities, consortia, and networks; databases related to pharmacogenomics research; knowledge synthesis resources; reports; and toolkits.
  • Physical Activity Research Resources
    Links to resources, such as national surveys, databases, and methodological reviews related to measures of physical activity for use in human research.
  • Statistics
    Links to sources of cancer-related statistics, including the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program, SEER-Medicare datasets, cancer survivor prevalence data, and the Cancer Trends Progress Report.
  • Surveys
    Compilation of surveys containing information which may be useful for cancer epidemiology and genomics studies, including behavioral risk factors, health information, medical care, and more.

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