Five-Factor Screener in the 2005 National Health Interview Survey Cancer Control Supplement: Overview

The Five-Factor Screener may be useful to assess approximate intakes of fruits and vegetables, fiber, added sugar, calcium, and dairy foods. A single question about red meat is also asked. The screener asks respondents to report how frequently they consume foods in 18 categories. The screener also asks one question about the type of cereal consumed. No portion size questions are asked. This screener does not attempt to assess total diet.

The questions for the Five-Factor Screener were in-person interviewer-administered in the 2005 National Health Interview SurveyExternal Web Site Policy (NHIS). PDF files of the cancer part of 2005 NHIS questionnaire, which includes the food questions (NAC.010 - NAC.138), are available in English [PDF]External Web Site Policy and Spanish [PDF]External Web Site Policy.

The process of scoring the individual response data is described in Scoring Procedures. A description and guidelines for the appropriate uses of the screener-estimated dietary intakes is found in Uses of Screener Estimates. Validation data for the NHIS 2005 screener are presented in Validity Results. Finally, the various dietary intake variables are found in Computed Variables.

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