Diet History Questionnaire: Cost Estimates

Using the web-based version of the DHQ is free. If you are using the paper versions there are costs associated with printing and scanning. The software which analyzes data from the DHQ, Diet*Calc, is free. Typically, DHQ users have contracted with commercial vendors to create custom DHQ forms and provide scanning services. A few organizations have sufficient IT resources to develop and scan forms in-house (for example, organizations that distribute and analyze questionnaires for a large number of studies). A variety of commercial solutions are available for printing and scanning forms. Keyboard data entry can be an alternative to printing scannable forms and using scanners to capture the data, though it can be costly and error-prone unless your organization has effective data entry capabilities already in place.

If you use an outside contractor, the costs involved will vary depending on study size, and whether you use NCI's version of the DHQ without changes or if you make modifications specific to your study.

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