Diet History Questionnaire II and Canadian Diet History Questionnaire II: Request a Web-based Study

DHQ II Web is a tool that will be made available for research purposes. To request a study using any version of DHQ*Web for the US or Canada, please fill out the following form and click Submit. You will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your request, and a follow-up call or e-mail within two weeks. If you do not receive the confirmation, please e-mail All fields are required.

A new version of the DHQ, DHQ III, will be launched in the fall of 2017. The new web-based version will have an updated food list, nutrient and food group database. The interface will be available in Spanish and easily accessible on all mobile devices. Note: DHQ III will not support paper and pencil administration. You may want to wait to register a new study until DHQ III is available.

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