Diet History Questionnaire: Analyze the Questionnaire Data

In Diet*Calc, once you have specified the questionnaire data file, data dictionary, and names and locations of the results files to be created by Diet*Calc, you can execute the session. Diet*Calc will calculate the food and nutrient estimates. Results are written to the Analysis Results File and to one or more optional results files.

Analysis Results File

The nutrient estimates calculated by Diet*Calc are written to the Analysis Results File in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. The first row contains the column headers. Each subsequent row is one record for each questionnaire analyzed. These are data columns included in the Analysis Results File:

  • Respondent ID
  • Record Number
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Birth Date
  • Questionnaire Date
  • Num Missing Frequencies
  • Num Frequency Scanning Errors
  • Num Missing Sizes
  • Nutrient Estimates (a column of data per nutrient in the Nutrient Database)
  • Percent of Energy
  • Food Group Variables
  • Other Questions (optional - values from questionnaire data fields not analyzed by Diet*Calc)

Respondent Reports

The Respondent Reports file contains one report for each questionnaire respondent. Each Respondent Report may contain the following sections, which can be edited by selecting Report Options from the Options menu.

  • Personal Information
  • Introduction
  • Nutrient Intake
  • Percent of Energy
  • Food Pyramid Servings
  • Information sources

Detailed Results File

The Detailed Results File is a CSV file. This file contains the intermediate calculations of the analysis. You may use the data in this file to determine the contribution of a particular food item to the daily estimate of any or all nutrients. These columns are included in the Detailed Analysis File:

  • Respondent ID
  • Sex
  • Question Type
  • Question ID
  • Food ID
  • Size
  • Freq
  • Nutrient Estimates

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