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Dietary Screener Questionnaire (DSQ) in the NHANES 2009-10: Relationship Between Dietary Factors & Food Items on the DSQ

Each of the 26 items on the screener was selected because of its relationship to one or more dietary factors of interest in dietary guidance. This relationship is depicted below.

Dietary Factor Food Item
Fruits and vegetables (cup equivalents per day) Fruit
Fruit juice
Fried potatoes
Other potatoes
Dried beans
Other vegetables
Tomato sauce
Added sugars (tsp equivalents per day) Soda
Fruit drinks
Cookies, cake, pie
Ice cream
Sugar/honey in coffee/tea
Cereal and cereal type
Added sugars from sugar-sweetened beverages (tsp equivalents per day) Soda
Fruit drinks
Sugar/honey in coffee/tea
Dairy (cup equivalents per day) Milk
Ice cream
Whole grains (ounce equivalents per day) Cereal and cereal type
Whole grain bread
Whole grain rice
Calcium (mg) All or nearly all foods
Fiber (gm) All or nearly all foods
Red meat (times per day) Red meat
Processed meat (times per day) Processed meat