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Dietary Screener Questionnaire (DSQ) in the NHANES 2009-10: Data Processing & Scoring Procedures

Two different data processing and scoring procedures have been developed for the NHANES 2009-10 Dietary Screener Questionnaire (DSQ). The earlier procedures, developed prior to release of the NHANES 2009-10 dietary data, were based on NHANES 2003-2006 24-hour dietary recall (24HR) data. Because the DSQ was not administered in the 2003-2006 NHANES, a pseudoscreener was constructed using frequency information from the 24HR and then related to dietary intake.

The current procedures are based on NHANES 2009-10 24HR and DSQ data, and directly model the relationship between DSQ responses and 24HR intake. This set of procedures is preferable for new analyses of DSQ data.