NCI Cohort Consortium Signature Initiatives and Other NCI Cohort Consortium Projects

Project Proposal Process

Investigators interested in proposing a project should fill out the form below and e-mail the completed form to Nonye Harvey, NCI Cohort Consortium Coordinator. The deadline for submitting new proposals is the 1st of each month, with Steering Committee review within one month of receipt. Although investigators can submit proposals at any given time throughout the year, they will not be reviewed until after the next deadline closest to the time of submission. For more information on the evaluation criteria for pooling projects, see below. Questions about the proposal process should be sent to

Project Proposal Form [PDF - 1MB]

Evaluation Criteria for Pooling Projects and Actions/Implications

The Steering Committee will review proposals for NCI Cohort Consortium pooling projects and recommend one of the following actions:

  1. Approved to be disseminated to the NCI Cohort Consortium Membership


    • Requires prospectively collected data pooled from multiple cohorts.
    • Has scientific merit.
    • Does not duplicate the efforts of other ongoing consortia. (See EGRP-Supported Epidemiology Consortia, but not limited to these consortia)
    • Is willing to deposit data, metadata, and derived variables to a central repository

    Actions and implications:

    • The Steering Committee will distribute the approved proposal to the Consortium membership.
    • Project will be listed on the NCI Cohort Consortium Web site.
    • PIs (Principal Investigators) may seek letters of support from the Steering Committee (e.g., for grant applications).
    • PIs may request access to the Steering Committee to discuss issues in completing a study.
    • PIs may request meeting and/or presentation time at the Annual Meeting.
  2. Not Endorsed as a NCI Cohort Consortium Project


    • Does not sufficiently meet the above criteria.

    Actions and implications:

    • No support of the Steering Committee; project not distributed or listed on the Consortium's Web site.
    • PI proposer(s) are free to contact Consortium PIs on their own regarding the project.