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Dietary Assessment Calibration/Validation Register

Dietary Assessment Calibration/Validation Register

Effective June 2022, the DACV Register is no longer actively maintained but will remain searchable until June 2023. The webpage will be removed in June 2023. A permanent record of all files included in the DACV Register is available upon request from the National Cancer Institute's Risk Factor Assessment Branch; contact to request a copy.

What is the DACV Register?

The Dietary Assessment Calibration/Validation (DACV) Register is a register of calibration/validation studies and associated publications. Each publication in the register compares dietary intake estimates from two or more dietary assessment methods. For the past 30 years, the DACV has served as a repository of studies that have calibrated and validated dietary assessment methods.

What types of dietary assessment methods are contained in the DACV Register?

The register contains studies and publications which compare dietary intake estimates from two or more dietary assessment methods. Dietary assessment methods include:

  • Biological assessments (e.g. doubly-labelled water, biomarkers, blood, urine, etc.)
  • Chemical analyses of foods consumed
  • Dietary histories
  • Dietary recalls
  • Food frequency questionnaires (FFQ's)
  • Food records or diaries (including weighed intakes)
  • Observed intakes
  • Other (e.g. blended instruments, behavioral instruments, mobile apps and wearable devices, short screener tools, etc.)

Disclaimer: inclusion of a study in the Dietary Assessment Calibration/Validation Register does not imply NCI endorsement of the study protocols or its results.

Studies published between 1993-2022 are included in the register. The DACV Register is no longer being actively maintained.

What types of studies are NOT included in the DACV Register?

Excluded from the register are:

  • Reviews, meta-analyses, and commentary papers
  • Published conference works that contain only an abstract
  • Studies that evaluate reliability or reproducibility only
  • Topics that fall outside the scope of dietary intake (e.g. food composition, behavioral questionnaires)

Why was the DACV Register created?

This research resource was developed as a means to keep the nutrition and health community aware of calibration/validation studies on dietary assessment methods being conducted worldwide. Sharing information about these studies in a timely manner can promote more effective research and avoid duplication.

What is the history of the DACV?

The history of this effort dates back to 1993 when the idea for creating such a register was suggested at the First International Conference on Dietary Assessment Methods (ICDAM) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1993-2023, 30 years of the DACV!

Timeline of the DACV

  • 1993: The idea for the DACV was conceptualized at the 1993 ICDAM conference
  • Late 1990's: The DACV was converted to a digital repository.
  • 2019: The DACV grew to include a separate supplemental register for screeners and short dietary assessment tools. For more information, visit the Register of Short Dietary Assessment Instruments.
  • 2022: New additions to the DACV register were paused. The Register of Short Dietary Assessment Instruments continued to be actively maintained.
  • 2023: The DACV will be removed on its 30th anniversary due to the influx of comparable tools. Check out our other resources like the Register of Short Dietary Assessment Instruments and the NCCOR Measures Registry.

Who do I contact with questions?

This resource is maintained by the National Cancer Institute's Risk Factor Assessment Branch. Contact: