Creating Respondent Nutrition Reports Using Diet History Questionnaire III (DHQ III)


DHQ III Demonstration Site

Complete a FFQ on the DHQ III demonstration website to become familiar with the questionnaire.

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The DHQ III Respondent Nutrition Report (RNR) provides a summary you can provide to respondents. The Report indicates how, based on their responses on the DHQ III, their nutrient and food group intakes compare to dietary recommendations. The file contains one report for each respondent. The default Respondent Nutrition Report includes the following sections.

  • Age and sex
  • Introduction
  • Nutrient intake
  • Percent of energy from macronutrients
  • Servings of food groups
  • Information sources

There is a default version of the DHQ III RNR that covers most nutrient and food groups of interest. The content of the Report can be customized from the Options menu on the Researcher website. Customizing the Report includes deleting items or adding other nutrients, dietary constituents of food groups available in the analysis files. Nutrients, dietary constituents, or food groups not currently available in the DHQ III database cannot be added. The RNR is available in both English and Spanish.

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