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DHQIII Return of Results


Upon completion of the DHQ III, respondents may be presented with personalized return of results reports. There are two types of reports available: the Respondent Nutrition Report (RNR), and the Healthy Eating Index (HEI) Report. These reports are generated using the demographic and dietary data provided by respondents. Both reports are available in English and Spanish. User testing was conducted to examine and improve the usability of both reports.

Respondent Nutrition Report (RNR)

View a Sample RNR Report

The RNR provides individualized nutrient-level information compared to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (e.g., total energy intake, food groups, and nutrients like vitamins and minerals).

The default RNR covers most nutrient and food groups of interest and includes the following sections

  • Introduction
  • Nutrient intake
  • Percent of energy
  • Servings of food groups
  • Information sources

The content of the RNR can be customized by editing the text or by deleting or adding items using the RNR Options menu on the DHQ III Researcher website. Nutrients, dietary constituents, or food groups not currently available in the DHQ III database cannot be added.

Healthy Eating Index (HEI) Report

View a Sample HEI Report

The HEI Report provides individualized feedback using the HEI, which is also based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (e.g., overall score, component scores, and recommendations for future intake).

The HEI Report includes the following sections

  • Introduction
  • Overall diet quality score and component scores
  • Recommendations to eat for good health
  • Recommendations to limit for good health
  • Resources

The Resources section of the HEI Report can be customized using the HEI Report Options menu on the DHQ III Researcher website.

Learn more about the development and user testingExternal Web Site Policy of the HEI Report.