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Administering the Diet History Questionnaire III


DHQ III Demonstration Site

Complete a FFQ on the DHQ III demonstration website to become familiar with the questionnaire.

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This page describes how the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Diet History Questionnaire III (DHQ III) can be administered, including estimated completion times, and what kinds of modifications are possible.

How is the DHQ III administered?

The DHQ III was designed to be self-administered in English or Spanish, however, there is no reason that an interviewer could not enter responses into the system on a respondent’s behalf. At any time while taking the DHQ, a respondent (or interviewer) can choose to view the questions in English or Spanish by changing the drop-down box above the set of questions.

The DHQ III was developed using national dietary data from adults to specify food items and portion sizes and thus it is not appropriate for administration to children in its current form.

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Can researchers modify the DHQ III?

Researchers may modify the web-based DHQ III by deleting questions only.  Questions or foods cannot be added without additional charges.  If interested in making changes to the DHQ III, please contact the DHQ HelpExternal Web Site Policy, to discuss and obtain an estimate.

How long does it take to complete the DHQ?

Based on pilot study research, including about 400 individuals in one study and about 1,000 in another study, the response rates for the paper-based DHQ I varied from 70-85% and it took about one hour to complete. In both these studies, the DHQ I response rates were not statistically different than those from shorter FFQs. These findings likely apply to the later versions of the DHQ, but to date, no such studies have been conducted or are planned.