Choosing a Method

How to Choose an Analysis Method Dependent on Purpose

HEI scoring and analysis methods vary by the primary purpose of the analysis: monitoring dietary intakes for a population using HEI score, examining relationships between HEI scores and other variables, and evaluating interventions using HEI scores.

The figure below illustrates some possible research goals and analytic methods to consider. Available analytic methods for which SAS code have been developed are listed; though researchers should note these methods have limitations. (For some research goals, the SAS code remains under development for the recommended analytic method.)

To learn more about the available analytic methods, click on the method of interest in the chart below.

View the Method Flowchart Choosing a Method Flowchart Monitoring dietary intakes Relate HEI components/score to an outcome Compare intervention groups Use population ratio method for means Use MCMC method for means followed by distribution estimate Use MCMC method approach followed by regression model Use MCMC method followed by ANOVA Population ratio method MCMC method Simple method followed by regression model MCMC method Population ratio method
*Multivariate Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method for relating HEI components/score to an outcome is currently under development."

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