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Getting Started: Register a Study and Best Practices for Using ASA24®


Register to Use ASA24

Researchers, clinicians, and teachers can visit the Researcher Website to register to use the U.S., Canadian or Australian versions of the ASA24 system free of charge.

To register, select the Register button on the Researcher Website. Researchers do not need to specify the language that will be used by Respondents when registering a study.

Register to Use ASA24

Registering to use ASA24 requires reviewing and agreeing to the ASA24 User Agreement [PDF - 93.4 KB].

Getting Started with ASA24

Best Practices for Training Study Staff

A key factor in successfully using the ASA24 system is how well study staff who have direct contact with Respondents know the tool themselves. The more familiar study staff are with the ASA24 system, the more helpful they can be to Respondents. We recommend that study staff spend a significant amount of time completing multiple ASA24 recalls or records prior to fielding a study. This can be done using the Demonstration version or by utilizing the DemoUser account after a study has been setup as described in the Researcher Instructions.

Orienting Study Participants to ASA24

Although not essential, if your study design includes in-person contact with Respondents prior to their completion of food recalls or records using the ASA24 system, it can be helpful to orient them to the software through completion of a practice recall or record using the demonstration version in an environment where study staff are available to answer questions.

We also offer downloadable instructional materials that can be used by study staff and Respondents to become familiar with the steps to follow to complete 24-hour recalls or food records.

ASA24 is a registered trademark of HHS.