What is ASA24-Canada?

A Canadian adaptation of the Automated Self-Administered 24-hour Dietary Assessment Tool (ASA24-Canada) has been freely available since April 2014. ASA24-Canada makes use of the ASA24 Respondent and Researcher Websites, with modifications made to reflect the Canadian food supply. Foods unique to Canada have been added and those not available in Canada removed. Many changes reflect differences in brand name and fast food restaurant items between the two countries. As well, metric measurements have been added.

The adaptation of the ASA24 system makes it possible to collect dietary recall and food record data in a range of studies in Canada using a tool tailored to the Canadian context.

The development of ASA24-Canada was supported by Health Canada's Food Directorate, the Alberta Cancer Foundation, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer through funds allocated to Alberta's Tomorrow Project, and contributions from researchers at the University of Waterloo.

What is the most current version of ASA24-Canada?

An updated version (ASA24-Canada-2018) was released in April 2019. View a comparison of current and past versions of ASA24, including the 2018, 2016 and 2014 versions of ASA24-Canada.

ASA24-Canada-2018 includes all of the features in the 2016 version of ASA24-Canada. The following features are new to the 2018 versions of ASA24:

  • A feature that enables Respondents to report, save and modify recipes.
  • The Respondent Nutrition Report, an optional module that provides information to study participants directly after completing their recall or record about how daily intakes compare to Canadian dietary guidance and nutrient requirements.1

1The food groupings reflect the 2007 “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide”. Health Canada is developing a tool to assess adherence to new Canada Food Guide recommendations introduced in January 2019.

What nutrient and dietary supplement databases are used in ASA24-Canada?

The ASA24 nutrient database was adapted using the Canadian Nutrient FileExternal Web Site Policy (CNF2015) and a Canadian recipe database used for surveillance.

A small proportion (8%) of codes from the 2009-2010 (version 5.0) and 2011-2012 Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (FNDDS) codes could not be matched to Canadian foods. For these, FNDDS codes were used and nutrient values were adjusted to account for fortification differences when necessary.

Portion sizes were assigned Canadian gram weights if available. If not, FNDDS gram weights consistent with Canadian portion sizes were used. For items in the CNF and Canadian recipe database without complete nutrient profiles, appropriate FNDDS values were used when available.

ASA24-Canada-2018 maintains FNDDS 2009-2010 and 2011-2012 food codes from ASA24-Canada-2016, and includes some new food codes from FNDDS 2013-2014. It also links to the United States Department of Agriculture's 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 Food Patterns Equivalents Database and provides amounts of food groups and other dietary components (e.g., added sugars, oils). New in the 2018 version are linkages with the 2007 Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide to provide Canadian food group data.

The dietary supplement database used in ASA24-Canada-2018 is based on the Licensed Natural Health Products DatabaseExternal Web Site Policy and supplemented by the NHANES Dietary Supplement Database 2007-2008.

How do I register to use ASA24-Canada?

When registering to use ASA24-2018, Researchers have the opportunity to select the Canadian version.

Are ASA24-Canada Respondents able to view the tool in English or French?

The ASA24-Canada-2018 Respondent Website includes English and French language options and can be completed using mobile devices.

Are there any resources available specifically tailored to ASA24-Canada?

A Website and listserv specific to ASA24-Canada have been developed for researchers, clinicians, and educators wishing to keep updated on new developments with ASA24-Canada and connect with others who use this tool. Learn more about ASA24-CanadaExternal Web Site Policy.

Resources available throughout the ASA24 website, including the Researcher Instructions, are available to assist Canadian users with setting up and conducting studies using the ASA24 system.

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