Overview of the ASA24® Respondent Websites

The Respondent Websites are used by participants to complete recalls and, for ASA24-2016, ASA24-Canada-2016, and ASA24-Australia-2016, food recalls or food records. The table below provides information about past and current versions of the ASA24 Respondent website.

ASA24 Version Release date Available for new studies? End date for data collection Languages
ASA24-2016 Mar 2016 Yes N/A English and Spanish
ASA24-Canada-2016 Oct 2016 Yes N/A English and French
ASA24-Australia-2016 Jan 2017 Yes N/A English
ASA24-2014 Feb 2014 No Mar 2017 English and Spanish
ASA24-Kids-2014 Feb 2014 No Mar 2017 English and Spanish
ASA24-Canada-2014 Apr 2014 No Mar 2017 English
ASA24-Kids-2012 Sept 2012 No Mar 2017 English and Spanish
ASA24-2011 Sept 2011 No Mar 2017 English and Spanish
Beta Aug 2009 No Jun 2012 English

The 2016 versions of the ASA24 system require high-speed internet and are accessible using desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The user interface is written in HTML5. Unlike previous versions, the 2016 versions enable the ASA24 system to load on commonly used web browsers without downloading Microsoft Silverlight or other plug-ins.

Researchers were required to switch to ASA24-2016 or ASA24-2016 in March of 2017 because the Silverlight plug-in required for earlier versions is no longer supported by most commonly used web browsers. There are currently no funds to update ASA24-Kids-2014. Researchers should use ASA24-2016 instead.

For Researchers using earlier versions of the ASA24 system who have switched mid-study to a 2016 version:

  • The underlying nutrient and food group databases for versions prior to ASA24-2016 are not directly comparable (see a table comparing the features of all versions of ASA24). SAS code is available to update analytic files from older versions to a comparable food group database as ASA24-2016. ASA24-Canada-2014 and ASA24-Canada-2016 use the same nutrient databases but the 2014 version, unlike the 2016 version, does not include food groups. It is not possible to rerun ASA24-2011, ASA24-2014, or ASA24-Canada-2014 Respondent data using ASA24-2016 or ASA24-Canada-2016.

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