Overview of the ASA24® Researcher Website

The ASA24 Researcher WebsiteExternal Web Site Policy allows researchers, clinicians, and teachers to register to use the ASA24 system for research, clinical practice, or teaching; to manage logistics of data collection; and to obtain analytic output files. View a detailed list of the Researcher Website features.

New studies can be registered for the following versions of the ASA24 system using the 2016/2014 Researcher Website.

  • ASA24-2016
  • ASA24-Canada-2014
  • ASA24-Kids-2014

Researchers that still have active studies earlier versions of the ASA24 system can configure and manage studies using the Researcher WebsiteExternal Web Site Policy.

Learn more about the ASA24 System Requirements for the Researcher Website.

The ASA24 Researcher Website contains a number of downloadable documents intended to help those using the ASA24 system for collecting food recalls and records for research and/or teaching purposes.

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