ASA24® Researcher Website Features

The ASA24 Researcher Website allows researchers, clinicians, and teachers to register a study, set study parameters, manage study logistics, and obtain output files.

The Website allows Researchers to set the following options:

  • Collect 24-hour recalls or food records;
  • For recalls, query intake from midnight-to-midnight of the previous day or for the past 24 hours (starting at the time of login);
  • Have Respondents complete a recall in one sitting (with breaks of no more than 30 minutes) or over a longer specified time interval;
  • Have Respondents complete a recall in a single or multiple session(s);
  • For records, collect consecutive or non-consecutive day food records;
  • Customize a study's opening and closing text scripts and study logo on the Respondent Website;
  • Turn on optional modules to query the location of meals, the source of the meals, with whom meals were eaten, television and computer use during meals, and supplement intakes.
  • Provide Respondent Nutrition Reports to participants
    • In the Demonstration version website, the optional Respondent Nutrition Report feature is turned on and the report can be viewed after a 24-hour recall has been entered.

In addition, the Website enables Researchers to:

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