ASA24® Respondent Nutrition Reports

What is the ASA24 Respondent Nutrition Report?

For 24-hour recalls or food records collected using the U.S. or Canadian versions of ASA24-2016 and ASA24-2018, Researchers can select an optional module to allow for the generation of a Respondent Nutrition Report (see example [PDF - 194 KB]). The RNR provides information to Respondents regarding how their intake on the reporting day(s) compares to country-specific dietary guidance and nutrient requirements. Note that for ASA24-Canada-2016, Respondent Nutrition Reports are only available for recalls or records collected after April 2019, and only if the Researcher has turned on this option in Study Details of the Researcher website.

How are ASA24 Respondent Nutrition Reports Generated?

When this optional module is selected by Researchers for their 24-hour recall or food record, Respondents are asked their age and sex, and if female, if they are pregnant or lactating. The Respondent Nutrition Report will only be generated if the Respondent provides their age, sex and pregnancy/lactation status.

For studies in which Respondents are entering 24-hour recalls, the ASA24 system presents Respondents with a Nutrition Report after the recall is completed. The Respondent Nutrition Report provided to Respondents is also available to Researchers on the Researcher website.

For studies collecting food records, Researchers can choose to provide the report to the Respondent after obtaining it from the Researcher website.

For those interested in sodium intakes, note that the nutrient database assumes added salt in the cooking of vegetables and meat. This may result in sodium values in the data files and Respondent Nutrition Report that are higher than expected for those who do not cook with salt. If sodium values appear elevated, clinicians using ASA24 should discuss cooking methods and food sources with individuals for whom sodium intake is a concern to estimate true sodium intake. For more information on sodium in the ASA24 system, see Frequently Asked Questions.

The Respondent Nutrition Report option is also available for viewing within the ASA24 demonstration site after a 24-hour recall is completed.

Is the Respondent Nutrition Report Available in Multiple Languages?

At this time, the Respondent Nutrition Report is available in English, Spanish, and French (Canadian versions only) for 24-hour recalls; however, for food records, it is only currently available in English. We hope to make this available in other languages in the future, but do not have the funds needed to do so at this time.

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