Nutrient and Food Group Analysis in the 2016 ASA24® System

Researchers, clinicians, and educators can use the ASA24 system to analyze 65 nutrients and 37 food groups (U.S. and Canadian versions) from food recall or record data. Analyses for ASA24-Australia-2016 provide 41 nutrients and no food groups.

Note for users of ASA24-Australia

ASA24-Australia-2016 is based on the Australian Food, Supplement and Nutrient Database (AUSNUT) 2011-13. The AUSNUT file does not contain some nutrients that are included in the U.S. databases used to create ASA24; therefore, 24 of the nutrient variables in the analytic files contain no data. Missing nutrients in the Australian version are noted with an * below. Additionally, ten nutrients (energy without dietary fibre, available carbohydrate without sugar alcohols, starch, ash, total long chain omega 3 fatty acids, total trans fatty acids, pro-vitamin A, Niacin derived equivalents, iodine, tryptophan) that are included in the AUSNUT file are not available in ASA24-Australia-2016. Note also that there is currently no food group database associated with the Australian version.

More information is available on the nutrient and food group databases used for all versions of ASA24. A full description of these categories can be viewed on the USDA's website.

The ASA24 data analysis files provide data on the following nutrients and food groups:

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