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In collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), a consortium of Australian researchers has adapted ASA24 to the Australian context to account for variations in food consumed, portion sizes and nutrient composition. View more details about all 2016 versions of ASA24.

The Australian project, led by Associate Professor Sarah McNaughton of The Institute for Nutrition and Physical Activity (IPAN) at Deakin University, brought together 5 national institutions with major research programs in nutrition:

ASA24 Demonstration Site

Complete a 24-hour dietary recall on the ASA24 demonstration website to become familiar with this dietary assessment tool.

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  • IPAN, Deakin University
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Wollongong
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

The Australian Food, Supplement and Nutrient Database (AUSNUT) 2011-13 food details file was used to guide the food inclusions for ASA24-Australia. Portion size options were guided by data from the 2011-13 Australian Health Survey, in addition to the AUSNUT food measures database. Foods reported in ASA24-Australia are linked to AUSNUT food and measure codes for nutrient calculations. The ASA24-Australia-2016 dietary supplement database was developed using the AUSNUT dietary supplement data files. There is currently no food group database associated with ASA24-Australia-2016.

Resources available throughout the ASA24 Website, including the Researcher Instructions, are available to assist Australian users with setting up and conducting studies using the ASA24 system.

The project was supported by an Australian Research Council Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant (LE140100099).

ASA24 is a registered trademark of HHS.