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ASA24® Respondent Website Features


The ASA24 respondent website guides participants through the completion of either 24-hour recalls or food records. The website uses an extensive branching database of questions with more than 13 million pathways that allow respondents to specify portion size, and preparation, and includes reminders to add frequently forgotten foods.

ASA24 follows a modified flow of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Automated Multiple-Pass Method (AMPM) for 24-hour recalls and was further adapted for the collection of food records. Learn more about the methodology used to develop ASA24.

ASA24 gives researchers control over many options. Researchers can specify timing of recall, either from midnight to midnight or for the past 24 hours from time of login. They can also collect one or more single-day or consecutive-day food records.

ASA24 Demonstration Site

Complete a 24-hour dietary recall on the ASA24 demonstration website to become familiar with this dietary assessment tool.

Go to Demo Site

Overview Webinar for ASA24

This November 2022 webinar provided an overview of ASA24, information about the 2022 version, and recent enhancements to the system.

View RecordingExternal Web Site Policy

For both types of dietary tools, researchers can select any of the following study configuration options:

  • location where respondents ate
  • with whom (if anyone) respondents ate
  • television and computer use during eating occasions
  • source of respondents’ food
  • dietary supplement intake
  • respondents’ sleep quantity and quality in relation to dietary intake (available in the 2020 and later)

ASA24 allows respondents to:

  • report type and time of eating occasion
  • search for a wide variety of foods, drinks, and supplements
  • report, save, and modify recipes for use in subsequent recalls or records (only available in 2018 and later versions)
  • search results for misspelled and related food items
  • use images to report portion size
  • add or modify food, drink, and supplement choices at multiple points during the recall or record
  • report sleep timing, duration, and quality (available in the 2020 version and later)

The US versions of ASA24 are available in English and Spanish, ASA24-Canada is available in English and French, and ASA24-Australia is available in English. View a comparison of all versions of ASA24 to learn more about the underlying nutrient and food group databases, and other features.

NCI is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for all potential ASA24 users. Learn more about ASA24 system requirements and accessibility

Respondent Nutrition Reports

The Respondent Nutrition Report shows how respondents’ diet compares with country-specific dietary guidance for US and Canadian versions of ASA24. Learn more about Respondent Nutrition Reports.

How long does it take to complete ASA24?

Respondents in the United States completed a 24-hour recall in, on average, 24 minutes, data shows. Most respondents completed their 24-hour recall in 17–34 minutes. Completing the first recall typically takes 2–3 minutes longer than subsequent recalls.

ASA24 is a registered trademark of HHS.