ASA24® Respondent Website Features

The ASA24 Respondent Website guides the participant through the completion of either a 24-hour recall for the previous day or for 2016 versions, a single or multiple day food record. The ASA24 instrument:

  • Flows as per modified United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Automated Multiple-Pass Method (AMPM) for 24-hour recalls, which was further adapted for collection of food records;
  • Allows researchers to specify timing of recall, either from midnight-to-midnight or for the past 24-hours from time of login;
  • Asks Respondents to report eating occasion and time of consumption;
  • Enables Respondents to search to find foods, drinks and supplements;
    • Presents Respondents with search results for misspelled and related food items;
    • ASA24-2016 includes >17,500 misspellings and synonyms in the U.S. version (>13,000 in the Canadian version and >14,500 in the Australian version);
  • Asks detailed questions about food form, preparation, portion size, and additions using an extensive branching question database with greater than 13 million pathways so that food codes can be assigned;
  • Uses images to assist Respondents in reporting portion size;
  • Allows the Respondent to add or modify food, drink, and supplement choices at multiple points during the recall or record;
  • Includes optional modules to query where meals were eaten, whether meals were eaten alone or with others, television and computer use during meals, and source of foods consumed;
  • Includes an optional module to query dietary supplement intake;
  • Is available in English and Spanish, except for ASA24-Canada, which is available in English and French;
  • Is accessible by individuals using assistive technologies, such as screen readers.
  • NEW in the 2016 version is an optional Respondent Nutrition Report that Researchers can choose to make available to Respondents. The Respondent Nutrition Report will provide feedback on nutrient and food group intake in comparison with U.S. dietary guidance. This report is available only for Respondents completing food recalls or records using the U.S. version of ASA24-2016. Learn more about Respondent Nutrition Reports.

Data from usage of the 2016 version in the United States indicates that the median time for Respondents to complete a 24-hour recall is 24 minutes. The majority of Respondents complete their 24-hour recall in 17 to 34 minutes. Our data indicate that it typically takes 2 to 3 minutes longer for a Respondent to complete his/her first recall compared to subsequent recalls.

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