Updates & New Features of ASA24-2014 & ASA24-Kids-2014

What's new in the ASA24-2014 and ASA24-Kids-2014?

  • Redesigned Respondent user interface to improve usability:
    • Standard icons are available to facilitate editing of food terms and details.
    • Food terms have been simplified to reduce the size of the browse list without compromising the collection of detailed data. For example, the terms, "coffee (brewed)" and "coffee (drip)" were eliminated and replaced with the term "coffee." Type of coffee is now ascertained via a food preparation question.
    • Respondents will not only be able to turn the penguin off and on, but will also be able to replay previously played guidance.
    • Search methodology has been improved to be more Google-like.
    • More portion images have been added.
  • New data collection options for Researchers:
    • Ability not only to query the location of a meal but also the source (grocery store, farmers market, convenience store, etc.) of each food.
    • Ability not only to collect recall data for the time period of the previous midnight to midnight but also for the last 24 hours.
  • A more intuitive version of the Researcher site which will provide new self-service functionality such as:
    • deleting user accounts.
    • addition of a Wizard to generate recall dates for studies that wish to have predefined scheduled recalls.
    • tracking options for each completed recall that will provide information on number of logins, session duration, language, calories, number of eating occasions and number of food codes.
    • more search criteria options for tracking recalls (e.g., recall completion status).
    • an option allowing Researchers to choose whether Respondents are allowed a single or multiple sessions to complete a recall.
  • Updates to the system to correct minor nutrient calculation and question pathway errors.

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